Tourist Attractions

Fray Jorge National Park

The most boreal remnant of the Valdivian rainforest is maintained thanks to the condensation of the coastal fog called Camanchaca, allowing a rainfall that exceeds 250 mm per year. A real treasure just 30 minutes from the Hacienda.

Where it is possible to see fauna and flora endemic to the area in the relict forest located at the top of the hills and whose view at the mouth of the Limarí River is fantastic in its viewpoint. A walk entirely recommended.

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Enchanted Valley

The ancient settlement of several pre-Hispanic cultures such as the Molle culture, where we can find petroglyphs and pictographs. Located 30 minutes from our Hotel, it is a place you have to visit. Archaeologists, amazed by the drawings found, decided to name it as Limari style.

This is one of the emblematic sites of the country, where a lot of petroglyphs have been found left by ancestral cultures. You can see faces, human forms and also some that let the imagination fly with beings from other worlds.

The tacitas stones, so named, obey slits in the rocks that were used to grind by molles and diaguitas, and whose diameter is precisely the size of a cup. However, there are others that are much larger.

The Entrance has viewpoints and its gentle CONAF guide will be able to explain in detail how to make the tour and find the enigmatic stones carved by the ancestors.

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Balneario De Tongoy y Guanaqueros

A popular seaside resort in the IV region where you can find one of the best beaches in the country. Famous for its gastronomy based on seafood. It is an unmissable destination for those who want to enjoy a nice day at the beach, just 25 minutes from the Hacienda.

In this place, you can also enjoy a rich and varied gastronomy, where the products of the sea are the specialty of restaurants.

For nature lovers, there is a "hots Pot" for the high concentration of biodiversity. This is the case of the Tongoy wetland, made up of the Wetlands El Estero, Salinas Chica, Salinas Grande and Pachingo, are located a short distance from the village, where hundreds of birds gather. There are viewpoints from where you can see herons, loics, ducks among about 150 species of birds, most residents and other migratory ones flying from the tundras of the Arctic to the southern zone

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Pichasca Natural Monument

Ubicado en el hermoso Valle del Río Hurtado, lugar de asentamiento de culturas precolombinas donde se pueden encontrar figuras rupestres como en la denominada Casa de Piedra, donde se reconoce la presencia humana que data de hace más de 9.500 años. Además, existe evidencia de Fauna y flora fosilizada y restos óseos de vertebrados correspondientes a antiguos dinosaurios que habitaron la zona. Recomendable también es caminar por parte del Sendero de Chile que bordea el Río y que permite contemplar el encantador paisaje único en la provincia del Limarí

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The hidden valleys of Limarí

Tómese un día para descubrir  verdaderos tesoros al interior del Valle del Limarí. Artesanías de Lapiz Lázuli y combarbalitapetroglifos, Pisqueras ancestrales, gastronomía local y productos típicos en hermosos y pintorescos poblados. No se arrepentirá.

Try touring and getting to know some typical villages, full of stories like Tamaya, Barraza, Sotaquí, Caren and so many others that are found in the surroundings of Limarí

Instructors: Peter Price, Amber Willis, Samuel White