Covid-19 Protocol

Protocolos Covid

At Santa Cristina Manor, we are committed to the quality and excellence that every customer deserves in our resort and tourist destination, therefore, we have developed a protocol that incorporates measures in the areas of health, safety, and hygiene. These measures that we will work with our work team, will allow us to receive our guests, clients of our Restaurant, and suppliers in a safe way. turístico, por lo tanto, hemos elaborado un protocolo que incorpora medidas en las áreas de sanidad, seguridad e higiene. Estas medidas que trabajaremos con nuestro equipo de trabajo, nos permitirá recibir a nuestros huéspedes, clientes de nuestro Restaurant  y proveedores de una manera segura.

We closely follow the indications dictated by entities such as the WHO and health agencies of our country, as well as from the National Tourism Service, SERNATUR. All this is important to inform us of the news that is presented concerning Covid-19 with the rest of the companies and actors of this industry in the Limarí Valley, the Coquimbo Region, and Chile.


  • At the entrance of our Hotel and our Restaurant a Footbath is available at their access.
  • Sanitization of room keys and all elements of common use is carried out.
  • Sanitizing stations are set up in different points of our Complex at the disposal of our Hotel guests and our Restaurant customers.
  • The cleaning of rooms, restaurants, and other areas of our complex is done with supplies certified by the ISP that meet all the established protocols.
  • Social distancing measures will be established in the corresponding places to allow people to have a safe distance between them.


  • We will focus on avoiding crowds and waiting times by digitizing the Check-in and Check-out process.
  • For the information of the services that our complex may have or the various attractions nearby, the information will be digitized in such a way to avoid having Flyer reducing contact and also contribute to the sustainable development of our company.
  • We will have the menu of our restaurant in QR format which will be easily downloadable on any mobile device.

Recommendations for our tourists

Recomendación para nuestro equipo

Our personnel will be constantly trained to be aware of the care they must take in their daily work.

Our mission as a family and company has always been to provide excellent service in this corner of the Coquimbo Region. For now, we want to complement this service by protecting our guests, guaranteeing our visitors a safe place and environment in the Coquimbo Region.